Self-Care Kit (LET IT GO)

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Self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. Treat yourself, or someone you love, to a moment of Serenity.

LET IT GO | Self-Care Kit:
Relax and let go of what is not serving you with the LET IT GO Collection of homemade products.  Be taken away by the soft and subtle notes of sage, amber, and lavender essential oils presenting an aura of fresh renewal.

  • Serenity Journal
  • Candle
  • Bath Soak
  • Body Scrub
  • Guided Meditation Card

Box Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 4″

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in

3 reviews for Self-Care Kit (LET IT GO)

  1. Deborah Rosell

    Good morning. Okay I’m almost finish with my experiment with the butter to rid with light spots on face. While I immediately noticed the light spots darken when I applied the butter, I decided to go back to the 100 percent coco butter for 2 weeks after cleansing face with witch hazel. Well just a little darkening. I said let be go back to the butter. When I awoke the light spots where two shades darker. It’s confirmed that the butter is a miracle! Now I’m experimenting the butter on my light age spots on my legs. One spot is completely white. Will keep you posted!

  2. Autumn N Cutler-McLamore

    I received the “LET IT GO” Self care Kit as a gift from a sister friend. I totally loved the packaging but I was even more impressed with the quality of all the products! They smell so darn good. I filled my tub, lit my candle and drifted off into my own world. Great idea for someone who needs to take some time for themselves! The bath salt smells like pure relaxation, the body scrub smells scrumptious and the body butter will have your skin silky and smooth! And now I use the journal as part of my daily routine. This kit is a MUST HAVE!!!

  3. 1da

    This is a must have!!!! I was one of those girls who stayed away from baths for fear of fragrances vs my lady parts. These products are ahhhhmazing! The scent is fresh and clean. It feels sexy against your skin and above all, it’s safe for your lady parts. The Body Butter doesn’t come in the kit but please add it to your order to over indulge in the luxuriousness of it all! Light the candle, enjoy your bath, and Body Butter yourself to the next level of the Serenity experience! Stocking stuffers!!😍🥰

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